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Big Box of Fucks

Big Box of Fucks

  • $2500

I have played around with the idea of doing a subscription box, but since I offer such a wide range of products it might be difficult to find what people are looking for. After some serious research (I did a poll on Survey Monkey y'all) I decided that I would do the occasional theme box and that way people would know what sort of items they would be getting.


For the inaugural box,  if you couldn't tell by the title, you will be getting items with the word "fuck "on them. You will get the mug, notepad and greeting card you see in the photo, but if that isn't enough you will get several other items that may include magnets, more cards, a coaster. I am still deciding. But the value will be over $40. This box is only good until the end of April and then you have to get all the items individually. 

This ships out USPS priority mail. I am not offering these boxes for international shipping at this time, but I am researching various shipping options and that could change for future boxes. 

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